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Welcome to Locksmith Knowle, thank you for visiting our website. Do you have a broken lock? Snapped key? Call us today on 0117 214 1429. And get a quick, reliable and quality service by an expert locksmiths in your local area.

Locksmith Knowle will fix your lock and security problems.

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We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can arrive at customers’ sites within 30 mins.

Our team is fully qualified and trained and have market-leading knowledge in this area offering a professional service. All our locks are made using the latest technology and best materials and comply with all current insurance standards to ensure you receive the best possible service. Our team is able to conduct work on a wide variety of lock types and systems using their vast experience and training, and carry with them a range of tools and materials in their van to each site enabling them to work on whatever they are faced with.

You never know when you might need a locksmith, but a few common situations are when you become locked out your house after misplacing your keys or your house has been a victim of a burglary attempt and the locks are now damaged. All you need is our number to hand and we can be with you within 30 minutes to solve your problems. We can also assist you with any security measures you wish to install within the exterior and interior of your house to ensure you are secure and feel comfortable when leaving it unattended.

Call us today to find out what we can do to help make your property secure and find a quote or book an appointment via the website.

An everyday locksmith for you

Customers often think that they will only require a locksmith in an emergency situation of being locked out of their home, especially when their key had snapped in the door. While we are certainly useful to have saved in your phone during those situations, we are also a locksmith Knowle that can improve your everyday security too.

Break-ins and burglaries are getting more sophisticated everyday, and we urge customers to match that level in their home or business security. With practises such as lock ‘snapping’ becoming more frequent, we can offer our customers a range of home security improvements and solutions to match the specific weaknesses of their building. Whether this is installing a simple door chain for peace of mind, which we encourage with our elderly customers particularly, a UPVC door lock, or security shutters on windows, locksmith Knowle can chat to you about the options available to you today, bearing in mind your concerns and budget.

Hiring a locksmith needn’t break the bank, as we as a local business are keen to uphold. We know that local needs to support local and ensure that our services are accessible for all. That’s why our prices are competitive and we are always reviewing them against other locksmiths in Knowle. With locksmith Knowle, you get no hidden fees, VAT charges or call out fees, only a charge for the work we actually do for you. We’d love to hear from you today and help you out, whatever lock situation you are facing. Call us today, 24/7, and we can be there for you.

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Get yourself a local locksmith you can rely on

You might be floating through life having never thought about who you would call on if faced with a snapped key in the door or being locked out your home. Perhaps you might think you never will need a locksmith, but you would be wrong. Locksmiths are called on for all kinds of issues, all day every day and it helps knowing that you have one you can count on.

Here at locksmith Knowle our locksmiths have years of experience local to Knowle and the surrounding areas. They have seen all kinds of locks and lock-related issues and this means no problem is too difficult for them to tackle. Perhaps you might think that you aren’t sure if your problem requires a locksmith – give our friendly office team and call and you will soon feel reassured by their advice and free quote.

Our locksmiths have build upon this experience with the latest industry knowledge and tools so that they are continually providing a comprehensive and efficient solution with a professional service and friendly manner to top it off. It’s everything you could want in a locksmith. This extends beyond the general locksmith needs of key cutting, change of locks and lock installations, but to home security solutions. Our locksmiths at locksmith Knowle can provide a range of options for updating and improving your home security depending on your price bracket. Sleep better today and give us a call to get started on finding your home security solution.

Finally, such a premium service doesn’t require you to remortgage your home. Our prices are competitive and clear without any hidden fees. Plus, no VAT is charged on top of our services and parts, and neither do we charge a call out fee. We tick every box and want you to become a local residential or commercial customer today and feel at peace knowing a local locksmith has got your back.

Locksmith Knowle: Tips On Preventing A Lock Out

Being locked out is understandably quite stressful as experiences go. Locksmith Knowle has had the privilege of helping out numerous customers from lock out situations and everytime we ask how it happened. We do this with the aim of sharing our tips with our customers to prevent the lock out happening again. Unscrupulous locksmiths that don’t care about their customers might try and take advantage of this in order to get more paid work. But because we know how disruptive, scary and frustrating it can be, we’d rather our Knowle customers didn’t face this situation.

Our tips stem from Knowle locksmiths years of experience being a local locksmith for our customers. They’re based on the two most common reasons customers get locked out. One, leaving the house without their keys and two, losing their keys on the go. Easy to do especially when leaving the house in a rush or always livign an on the go life. Our tips are simple, effective and cheap. They are simple changes that once built into a daily routine will improve your security tenfold.

Starting with common reason one, we advise customers to get a bowl in their hallway, or a hook in the wall if possible. When you come in from work, put your keys straight into the bowl or on the hook. You won’t regret it because you’ll instantly where your keys are instead of wandering about the house putting them in different places each time. This is now the safe space for your keys inside. But what about outside? Well, having a humble key ring will go a long way. Your keys will be all in one place and you can attach them to your bag, jeans, wallet – more durable things you won’t lose. Trust in the tips of practised locksmith Knowle and begin to see changes.

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Your knight in shining keys!

Now that autumn is here and winter is around the corner, there are certain seasonal issues that occur every year. Although some things are preventable, others are inevitable. Here is a list of common seasonal issues when it comes to key cutting.

Locked outside with the turkey in the oven. You’d be really surprisedHow many peopleOver the festive seasonLocked themselves and their families outsideWithout their key And a turkey in the oven!All it takes,Is that the family goes outside to look at the snowAnd somebody Closes the door behind themAnd nobody has a key.Why spend any of your christmas day worrying about such small things?You should have knowle-locksmiths.co.uk Saved in your speed dialFor this very moment.Our friendly team of locksmiths Have over 15 years working experienceEach And they are happy to come out24-hour is the day seven days a weekEven on Christmas day! So let us be your knight in key shining armour!

Come home after Christmas at your relatives and find your lock has been compromised with people trying to enter your property. The last thing any of us want to be worrying about on ChristmasIs our home security. But for many of us It is a reality That burglaries do occur.Whilst we are outVisiting loved ones others are cold, on the streets, and are looking for somewhere to stay and a bit of money.Although we would like to help,We also need to consider the safety of our home and our families.So speak to your trusty locksmith at knowle-locksmiths.co.uk – We can talk to you about how to make sure your locks are secureAs well as increasing securityWhilst you’re away from your home.

Went out with friends and lost your keys at a bar and can’t get in at 2am. One of our favourite reasonsThe people needing emergency locksmith and also one of the most commonIs that we all get excited on Christmas EveI’m head out to the pub.A lot of the time we are seeing friends that we have not seen in a Long time And we’re excited about the joys of Christmas the next day. So we sink too many pints! And the next thing we knowWe get home and we can’t find our keys.Don’t sleep on your own doorstep this Christmas Eve, Call your trusted locksmiths at knowle-locksmiths.co.uk – Our service is nonjudgemental, discreetAnd friendly! We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year.