Different property types

Locksmiths are called out to a wide range of issues and conduct work on different property types. The most common type is within personal homes however, they also carry out their work on commercial businesses. There are many ways in which to increase the security of your commercial business property. Locksmiths can help this by installing locks on front and back doors, window latches, small cabinets, safes and even work on padlocks.

can't unlock the door to a business premises

Other than installing locks there are more high-tech ways in which to secure your business or property. One way to do this is by using our teams expertise in installing door bell hidden cameras, wired electric security and CCTV cameras. CCTV cameras are very effective deterrent devices and very popular among commercial business owners. We can install CCTV cameras around the exterior of your property whilst installing an inside monitor to track and keep an eye of unwanted antisocial behaviour. It has been suggested that fake CCTV cameras are just as effective at giving off the same warning to unwanted visitors, we stock both products and recommend customers to install at least one of these to ensure the security of their property is heightened.

Locks do not last forever and wear and degrade overtime consequently reducing their ability to withstand extreme instances. It is important to regular check your locks for damage and call a locksmith if they need replacing. We recommend changing your locks and doors every 10 years to ensure they are in a pristine condition and are able to protect your property and belongings. Commercial locksmiths are specialised in dealing with security within commercial building and obtain all the knowledge necessary to improve the security of your business.